HSA among 20 clean tech innovators at Greenbackers Investment Capital COP28 London pitch event

In front of an engaged audience, Hydrogen Systems Australia was a popular player at a Greenbackers COP28 pitch event in London town recently.

HSA Brian Power

Disrupting the disruptors: Hydrogen Systems Australia’s Brian Power presents in front of more than 100 delegates in London in early December.

Hydrogen Systems Australia has wowed an audience in the United Kingdom at the recent Greenbackers COP28 Investment Pitch Live in London earlier this month. It comes just as the Melbourne-based company prepares to continue an extensive R&D program at its lab in Boise, Idaho, and finalise establishment of its UK arm, HSA Operations UK Ltd.

Framed by St Pauls and the Old Bailey, the Withers offices incorporated a top event space which was ideal for hosting this set-piece Greenbackers event in front of more than 100 delegates.

“It was a fitting end to what has been an amazing year for HSA,” says Brian Power, executive director of Hydrogen Systems Australia. “It’s been a long road to realising our dream and we’re finally on track – it will be a big 2024 for our company. There’s still a way to go, but the planets are now aligning.”

“It’s been a long road to realising our dream, and finally we are on track.” – Brian Power

Delegates from far and wide

The COP28 pitch event in London attracted delegates from far and wide, including investors, innovative clean tech start-ups and key figures from large industry players.

HSA, which only recently conducted successful preliminary independent testing on its Dual Frequency Plasma Electrolyzer technology platform, was a big hit at the live event in London with meetings lined up well into the New Year.

Mr Power says: “We have solid business plan with clear objectives, a de-risked roadmap, almost a billion dollars’ worth of orders waiting to be shipped once we work our way through our TRL levels, and into market in two years’ time.”

“We wish all our people, partners and investors a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Watch this space.”

Greenbackers Investment Capital

Green machine: Hydrogen Systems Australia’s Brian Power flanked by Greenbackedrs directors Andrew Smith and Robin Hokin.

Exciting innovators around the globe

Several other innovators presented at the event from throughout the world, including:

Ace Aquatec (Scotland) Ace Aquatec’s aquaculture technology focuses on marine welfare and specialises in acoustic marine mammal deterrents and humane electrical fish stunning equipment.

CampervanCo (Scotland) The world’s first all-Electric and Hybrid campervans.

Enjoy the Air (Scotland) ETA’s platform facilitates purpose-led investment by measuring investments funds impact on air quality and environmental health. i.e. “Return on World”.

ENG8 (Gibralter) Catalysed fusion technology, that releases thermal and/or electrical energy directly from the fusion of hydrogen nuclei in water, with no harmful emissions.

ep group (England) Building a network of talented businesses focused on delivering net zero and the regenerative economy. These companies need progressive, long-term capital, and our corporate ownership structure which benefits both entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Gazelle Wind Power (Ireland) Gazelle Wind Power specializes in the design and engineering of hybrid floating platforms for offshore wind energy production

Glasspoint (United States) By harnessing sunshine to produce steam, GlassPoint helps industry leaders reduce their carbon emissions at the lowest possible cost.

H2Clipper (United States) providing a breakthrough in the transportation and infrastructure required to bring green hydrogen to market now at a price that is competitive with fossil fuel.

IR Power (Scotland) IR Power is revolutionizing industrial energy efficiency by recycling wasted electricity.

Kleandrive (England) Kleandrive’s scalable solution converts diesel buses to zero emission electric buses with minimal time, cost and capex risk.

Lambda Agri (England) Lambda energy’s photonic coating for greenhouse panels increases crop yields up to 10%.

Propelair (England) Propelair saves significant water, carbon and money by reinventing the toilet for business premises.

Qualus (England) Qualus uses patented polymer technologies to reduce chemical and water use at leather tanneries.

Rivtide Power (Scotland) Hydrokinetic turbine system to generate sustainable power from slow flowing water such as rivers, tidal estuaries and ocean currents.

Sonichem (England) Biorefinery technology to convert low-value woody biomass (e.g. sawdust) into high-value green chemicals: lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose sugars in a ultra-clean way.

Sundew BIO (Denmark) Sundew has environment friendly biotechnologies to target and reduce water-borne pests, diseases and invasive species.

Triton Anchor (United States) Triton Anchor provides a low weight, silently installed, modular anchoring system that works for offshore wind turbines.

U-Earth Biotech (England) U-Earth Biotech uses cutting-edge biotech commercial air purifiers to remove air pollution.

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