A gathering of great minds, exploring how to ‘do things better’

The HSA Story

Our Dream

Hydrogen Systems Australia was born at a time when our world was forced to pause, hunker down and begin the process of navigating a global pandemic in early 2020. HSA founders with extensive experience in the Hydrogen sector, manufacturing, systems integration, government initiatives and much more, gathered and explored how we could “do things better”.

We identified an opportunity in the small to mid-scale market where the focus was all about creating power (and fuel) onsite, to be used onsite.

We created a business model based on our ultimate goal to achieve Energy Security.

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Meet the Team

Our people are our passion

We take pride in our people and the symbiosis of strengths and experience brought to the table.

A handful of original team members extend our collective reach beyond being solely finger-on-the-pulse experts in Hydrogen.

We have spent the past 14 years in the Hydrogen and plasma technology space and, with the establishment of this new organisation, have committed to nurturing an inclusive environment where open discussions, rigorous analysis, honesty and integrity are our cultural foundations.

Brian Power

Our Executive Director and the brains behind HSA, Brian Power has more than 15 years at the forefront of Hydrogen innovation after 30 years of trading globally in advanced manufacturing and delivering 1000+ successful projects.

Matthias Wagenfeld

Head of Engineering & Operations, Matthias Wagenfeld is a compliance expert and industry thought leader who is well positioned on the Australian Hydrogen Standards Committee. Matt has a strong manufacturing background.

Jane Niall

Jane Niall, our Director/Strategy & Governance leader, was a former senior Government advisor responsible for major science, technology and innovation initiatives, including major capital projects.

Peter Binks

Director of HSA, Peter is an experienced CEO with a history of leading high growth companies. He completed a PhD in astrophysics at Oxford University while on a Rhodes Scholarship. Longstanding knowledge and experience in Australia’s start-up ecosystem.

Renee Golland

Executive Assistant to our Director, Renee is our multi-skilled “all-rounder” who keeps the boss organised, and who also possesses superpowers harnessed from almost two decades in Marketing and Communications in the scientific industry and clean energy sector.

Scott Podmore

Content Director/Investor-Client Relations, Scott has more than 30 years of success in news and media, including 20 years at Australia’s largest masthead. He is our go-to man for all things content, editing, writing, publishing and videography and is a director of his own award-winning media company.

Sharon Ho

Head of Customer Relations & Experience, Sharon has over 25 years of accomplishments in B2B & B2C marketing, business processes strategies, partnership, revenue management and brand engagement for various international and local companies across diverse industries.

Paul Beaton

Vice President of HSA Research, Paul has deep experience in policy and strategy including designing regulatory, policy, and finance systems to accelerate renewable energy tech innovation. He is also a co-founder of the US Southeast’s first biodiesel manufacturer. He has experience in developing startups.

Andrea Glueck

Hydrogen Systems Australia’s Project Manager Andrea Glueck has an important role overseeing the company’s ever-evolving Roadmap and processes. Andrea also has a background in Building Biology & Healthy Home Design which positions her perfectly to oversee our building projects.

Nikki Domeney

Our Head of People & Culture, Nikki Domeney supports our team leaders to live and raise the vibration of HSA’s mission and purpose, strategically attracting like-minded people who feel connected to the same purpose, and who bring their own unique superpowers to the HSA community.

Bill Crane

An experienced leader with two decades of management experience in a High technology environment, Bill also has 29 years of Front End Semiconductor Process and Manufacturing Experience & 15 years experience of large scale Facilities Management & Maintenance.

Sharon Farrens

Chief Scientist Dr Sharon Farrens has many concept-to-commercialization achievements for plasma and semiconductor technologies. A world-leading and award-winning scientist, engineer and director, she is a master of her craft, which includes an impressive 16 registered and 4 pending patents.

HSA Boise Idaho

HSA Research LLC, Boise, Idaho (USA)

Our research centre in Boise, Idaho, works closely with our Melbourne team at the head office. The American contingent is led by our President of HSA Research, Ron Miller, who is brilliant with technology development in emerging markets.

Dr Sharon Farrens is our world-leading and award-winning scientist and engineer with a history of multiple patented products taken from ideas to commercialisation using plasma technology. Along with her American team, Dr Farrens leads our novel dual-frequency plasma technology (Project Shield).

Our Values

Our values will allow Hydrogen Systems Australia to flourish in an emerging market where many do well, but none do it best. We have the framework, the know-how, the creativity and the passion to be the leaders in our field.


Our Goals

To grow and nurture our dynamic team while also removing diesel and fossil fuels from energy production and storage. These goals will be achieved by our desire to build the company with a people-first approach, rich in team spirit and mutual respect, encouraging each and every team member’s creativity and know-how, while also staying focused on our market segments, skills development and team building.

Our Focus

A cleaner planet and greener approach to renewable energy production and needs. We have the technology, the expertise and experience to deliver. From sunlight, wind and water we create Green Hydrogen energy and smarter systems to power our future with the ultimate environmental outcome with Energy Security. Clean and green.

Our Foundations

Lean Engineering and manufacturing principles, continuous improvement, as well as highly collaborative relationships with suppliers, business partners, governments and academia to ensure our solutions always meet our customers’ needs.

Our Relationships

The HSA team as a collective is built on solid relationships and diverse networks. Beyond the makings of a great team and belief in our people, we’re also big on human connections.

Values, ethical profitability, future collaborations based on shared visions and outcomes.

People in all the right places.

Our Team

Our Investors

Our Partners

Together we expedite and expand a shared legacy.