Investor Relations

Building solid relationships based on shared visions and values for ethical profitability


The time is right to invest in HSA

This is a fantastic opportunity to make a sound and rewarding “ethical” investment which will enable HSA to complete its research, bring product to market and achieve our profit goals.

Investors are moving towards sustainable, renewable-based opportunities. Companies are evolving or being established to capitalise on opportunities to do the right thing, and more investors than ever are putting their money into businesses offering transparency, solid values and with an environmental focus, as seen after the devastating bushfires of 2020 and more recent floods.

Through changing attitudes and conscious choices, organisations whose outcomes are underpinned by positive generational change are becoming a bigger focus.

Hydrogen is the fastest growing market on planet earth. The worldwide potential for hydrogen is vast, and those committed to this economy now are well-placed for success in the future, diving into patents and proprietary technologies to keep their competitive edge.

As an example, Hydrogen Systems Australia’s Project Shield Research and Development project adds a whole new dimension to an investor’s dollar. The ROI (Return On Investment) potential becomes extremely attractive. Watch this space.

Why invest in Hydrogen Systems Australia?

Hydrogen Systems Australia is an Australian company engaged in selling, commissioning, installing, maintaining and servicing of hydrogen production and hydrogen utilisation equipment.

Our expertise is in system integration with over 40 years of experience in the hydrogen industry and over 200 years of experience in complementary industries including innovation, project management, engineering, nanotechnology and governance.

We are future focused, with significant in-roads already being made into our new technologies that future-proof our organisation and initiate generational change.

Our systems offer revenue streams for rural and remote communities; energy that doesn’t rely on diesel. These projects will support local economies and manufacturing sectors, contribute to Australia’s Energy Security and reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.

Investment in Hydrogen Systems Australia will be strategically placed into several key areas of our business to assist with the growth and development of the organisation.

Funding will be used to source the best talent, contribute towards Research and Development and future manufacturing and, most importantly, fund an Australian-owned, values focused organisation that promotes ethical and sustainable profitability to create a healthier world for generations to come.

Interested in joining us on our journey?

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Code of Conduct

At HSA, the principles of our business ethics play an important role. It starts with our values. Everyone who works at HSA or acts on behalf of HSA must comply with the codes. It covers responsibilities, reporting of concerns, breach of code of conduct, compliance with laws & regulations, human & labour rights, working environment, equal treatment, business integrity, information handling & communication, privacy & GDPR, requirement and expectations of our business partners, environmental, social governance.

Standards Australia (ME-093) 

HSA’s Head of Engineering and Operations is one of the founding members of the ME-093 Hydrogen Technologies Committee and continues to be an ongoing active member of several working groups. Standards Australia ensures the alignment and adoption of ISO and IEC standards development.

Our product development team in Melbourne will ensure our Dual Frequency Plasma Electrolyzer meets the development of technical and energy safety standards and approvals for hydrogen technologies. HSA’s working group can address and bridge gaps in safety, and environment, eliminate trade barriers and clear the pathway for the process of ISO standards and Energy Safety Product approvals in the run-up to product launch and future innovations.

ISO Certification (9001 – Quality Management and 45001 – OH&S Management System)

HSA will embark on getting certified by ISO. Internationally recognised, the certification will validate our quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implementation of management, the process approach, and continual improvement.

The process, which is externally audited, will provide validity in the following area:

Customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision-making, and relationship management.


Sustainable Products

At HSA, we are committed to creating, implementing, and maintaining responsible practices for managing our environmental impact. Our Industrial Designer will work closely with the manufacturing team to define the product’s form and features.

All teams will consider ME-093 compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in our product development.

We will work towards ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System Certification, which will provide us with validated authority in the areas of:

  • Product impacts on the environment.
  • Defined controls to prevent and reduce pollution.
  • Innovation in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Our Plans For The Future

We will apply Lean Manufacturing principles, maximising productivity while minimising waste within our manufacturing operations. Once our first system is produced and environmental testing is completed, it will be used to run our manufacturing and operations facilities.

We are committed to environmental principles to produce Green Hydrogen power and power our manufacturing facility, ensuring our entire plant is green and clean. This is proof of our commitment that we truly understand the needs of the marketplace and our customers.