Project Shield

Project Shield – Innovation-Led Tech Strategy
Project Shield Hydrogen

The future of green hydrogen creation is here

With some of the best minds in the business coming together to plan our projects, the implementation of technologies that enhance and advance renewable Hydrogen, its efficiencies and uses are already in planning with our Research & Development project, Project Shield.

As of May 2021, we have a provisional patent for this game-changing technology in place. There will be more news soon, but all we can say at this stage is the HSA team is extremely excited about what this means in the near future.

Groundbreaking IP

Intellectual Property at HSA is going to be groundbreaking, particularly with Project Shield.

We have two of the world’s foremost technology experts leading our R&D team who have successfully implemented market ready products for major companies on a global scale, and now they are developing for HSA a world-first electrolyser technology that will be at a fraction of current pricing and with much greater efficiency.

This project is at the cutting edge and unique with the development of systems, integrations and processes that have never been seen before, and securing this intellectual property with our Patent Attorney partner is part of our technological strategy.

Through the future sale of this intellectual technology, Hydrogen Systems Australia plans for a trailing income stream, beneficial for investment returns as the technology developed for Project Shield will be patented and wholly owned by HSA for licensing to partners and collaborators.

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Our Values

Our values will allow Hydrogen Systems Australia to flourish in an emerging market where many do well, but none do it best. We have the framework, the know-how, the creativity and the passion to be the leaders in our field.