Our HSA Family

HSA Strengths

Our Experience

Our knowledge of, and experience in both local and international Hydrogen markets is underpinned by collaborations with leaders in their field of integration, governance, systems modelling, power electrics and advanced technologies.

Meet the Team

Our people are our passion

At Hydrogen Systems Australia, our outstanding individual partnerships in Energy, Government, Research and Industry sectors, is primed to make a difference with renewable Hydrogen technologies. We have spent the past 12 years in the Hydrogen space and with the establishment of this new organisation, have committed to nurturing an inclusive environment where open discussions, rigorous analysis, honesty and integrity are our cultural foundations.

Our Values

Our values will allow Hydrogen Systems Australia to flourish in an emerging market where many do well, but none do it best. We have the framework, the know-how, the creativity and the passion to be the leaders in our field.


Our Goals

Are to grow and nurture our dynamic team while also removing diesel and fossil fuels from energy production and storage. These goals will be achieved by our desire to build the company with a people-first approach, rich in team spirit and mutual respect, encouraging each and every team member’s creativity and know-how, while also staying focused on our market segments, skills development and team building.

Our Focus

A cleaner planet and greener approach to renewable energy production and needs. We have the technology, the expertise and experience to deliver. From sunlight, wind and water we create Green Hydrogen energy and smarter systems to power our future with the ultimate environmental outcome. Clean and green.

Our Foundations

Are based on Lean Engineering and manufacturing principles, continuous improvement, as well as on highly collaborative relationships  with suppliers, business partners, governments and academia to ensure our solutions always meet our customers’ needs.

Our Advantage

Is our ability to focus on the smaller hydrogen markets. Where others want to go big, we identify how our systems can assist in smaller projects. We also focus on new technologies that enable simpler, more efficient Green Hydrogen production and have extensive systems integration knowledge to enable us to build to your specifications.